Tasting Alaçatı Fest

4. Tasting Alaçatı Begins

Tasting Alaçatı, which hosted more than 60,000 people since the day it began, welcomes everyone both in Turkey and in the world especially people with life gusto who likes to discover and travel.

The organization, which aims at sustainable tourism in the region and aims to be on the agenda of travelers in the world and in travel literature, opens its doors on 27, 28 and 29 May 2022 this year.

New life platform of the Aegean

Tasting Alaçatı is a different excitement and a new meeting platform for those who love to live life. Tasting Alaçatı, which takes place on the natural peninsula of Alaçatı in and around the village, on the peninsula of the beautiful Aegean, continues with three days hosted by Alaçatı businesses. It offers gourmet delicacies, interviews, events, workshops, music, art, adventurous discoveries and new experiences that melt within each other in the most exclusive venues of the region.

The mission of the organization, which aims to increase the importance of the food and drink culture with its local products and producers within the Aegean region, manages to offer a global life experience by bringing together those who are fond of their gusto, lovers of discovery, travel lovers, leading chefs, local producers and operators in Alaçatı every year.

Hosted by the natural beauties and local businesses of Alaçatı, the organization welcomes its visitors with the best restaurants, hotels, vineyard houses and farms, special menus, events and workshops of Alaçatı. It brings joyful moments with music and art by living the region at its best time, creating excitement with multi-featured menus and workshops with different contents.

Live, Be Aware, Take Action

Tasting Alaçatı, which attracts attention with its content and programs prepared in different themes every year. This year, on the “Sustainability and Awareness” axis, which has become the focal point of the world, a rich program content is presented within the framework of “Zero Waste, Recycling, Equitable Production, Waste Prevention, Correct Use of Natural Resources, Respect for the Environment, Nature and Human Awareness”. With the aphorism of life, realize and take action, the event takes a journey that changes from perspectives, from waste-free tables, to recycling, from the region's diminishing crops, to the real stories of local producers, from what nature adds to people, to individual awareness, and to change perspectives.

What awaits us this year?

Within the scope of Tasting Alaçatı, besides the main events, where history, nature, art and gastronomy are the leading and accompanied by very important names, Alaçatı businesses also offer programs with unique content.

Jazz concerts in the village, campfire in nature, performances of star names, very special workshops, experiences full of surfing and adventure, painting and ceramic exhibitions, social responsibility activities are just a few of the activities that will take place within the scope of Tasting Alaçatı.

In addition to the presence of a local producer platform that supports local production and producers in the region, as every year, this year, for the first time, our guests will have the chance to listen to professionals who make a difference in their sectors and experience exemplary works with the consciousness of sustainability and awareness.

How to participate in Tasting Alaçatı?

Reservation is required for participation in Tasting Alaçatı. It is necessary to make a reservation before the organization to taste surprise dishes, to experience very special workshops, to participate in interesting events and to enjoy the taste of Alaçatı. The guests can participate by calling the relevant reservation numbers in the event information via www.tastingalacati.com if they wish.